BigDawsTV Age | Height | Wife | Car | Instagram | Earnings
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BigDawsTV Age | Height | Wife | Car | Instagram | Earnings

BigDawsTv a popular YouTube channel for making pranks and awkward situations in public. The channel features Dawson Gurley who is a big guy. He has got popularity for his unique style. Presently making Prank videos with university students.

BigDawsTV Age

He is not that older. But physically he is huge as his channel name suggests. He is about 30 years old.

BigDawsTV Height

He is 6 foot 5 inch according to which means he is a gigantic guy and a fun loving person too.

BigDawsTV Wife

He has not married yet. But, dating a beautiful girl. He can get to know more about his girlfriend from his daily vlog channel.

BigDawsTV Car

2017 Chevy 1500 Midnight Edition. This one is his one of dream cars he owns.

bigdawstv car

BigDawsTV awkward phone calls

His awkward phone call prank series are favorite where he calls in public awkwardly. He makes such videos mostly on the college campus and in libraries.

BigDawsTV basketball

Do you know that Dawson is good at playing basketball? He shocked the crowd being a nerd good at playing basketball.

BigDawsTV beatbox

Dawson has made many videos on Nerds Beatboxing in public. His complete list of beatboxing prank videos many in number. Though he is not good at beatboxing, he usually collabs with one of his friend who is a good beatboxer.

BigDawsTV Earnings

According to online sources, he makes more than 2 million annually from different sources.

His main earning source is sponsorships and selling own merchandise. He also earns from YouTube partner programme from advertisements.