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spirit of justice mod apk
Spirit of Justice

Spirit Of Justice Mod Apk: There are no “Complaints!” to the most recent passage in the Ace Attorney arrangement! Join Phoenix Wright and Apollo Justice as they handle cases at home and abroad!

With a brilliant cast of characters, including the arrival of fan-most loved Maya Fey, this full-length amusement is stuffed to the overflow with every single new puzzle and remarkable court show.

*In option to the fundamental amusement (Episodes 1 through 5), the Special Episode and Costume Set additional items are likewise included with the buy of this application.

Spirit of Justice Mod Apk Overview

Notice: Please read the new “About This App” segment toward the end.

Point Your Way to Victory

Basically tap the screen to play. The instinctive interface incorporates valuable highlights, for example, a build-up for you to re-read declaration and story discourse.

Immersive Investigations

Uninhibitedly investigate 3D wrongdoing scenes for proof and talk with observers for data that you can use in court.

Forensic Investigation Gameplay Returns in 3D!

Legal researcher Ema Skye is back, as are her numerous criminological tests! From fingerprinting to luminol testing, attempt your hand at finding intimations at the wrongdoing scene and on bits of proof in 3D!

Fast-Paced, Entertaining Trials

Destroy lies and resolve logical inconsistencies between observers’ words and the proof. It will take a sharp eye and a significantly more keen mind to illuminate these cases!

Divination Séances

Instead of observer declarations, the Royal Priestess of Khura’in offers the court her perfect Insights, which are her elucidations of an injured individual’s past recollections. Discover the defects in her Insights by contrasting them with the Séance vision and the proof, and uncover what truly occurred!

Colorful Cast of Characters

Phoenix Wright and his lesser legal counselors defy an all-new cast of intriguing, diverting, and in some cases over the top characters. Fan top choices likewise make their arrival under some abnormal conditions!

Surprising Twists

Get a kick out of illuminating the puzzles and grin at the characters’ frequently crazy trickeries. The show and discourse will keep you chuckling, crying, and speculating until the simple end!

Lighthearted Extra Content

Dress the three heroes up in ensembles and use them in the principle diversion for some inadvertently clever preliminaries!

Likewise included is a reward, extraordinary scene, “Turnabout Time Traveler”. This post-diversion story includes Phoenix’s cherished companion Larry Butz, long-lasting adversary Prosecutor Miles Edgeworth, and previous legitimate aide Maya Fey. With the posse all together once more, you realize that evil and commotion can’t be a long ways behind!

Google Play Games Support

Exchange spare information between gadgets effortlessly by means of Google Play Games to play at home or in a hurry!

A The story in this amusement is equivalent to in past discharges.

Supported Devices

Setup and Environment

Supported OS forms:

  • Android 4.4 through 7.1.1
  • Minimum Hardware Requirements
  • 2GB of RAM

(Intel processors are not upheld)

NOTE: You can buy and run this application on a gadget that does not meet the necessities recorded above, in any case, we can’t ensure that it will run legitimately. Furthermore, we can’t give discounts in those situations where the gadget does not meet the above prerequisites.

Device Support Inquiries

To see whether your gadget is upheld if it’s not too much trouble ask here:


Download Size – 1.17GB

Because of its substantial size, we unequivocally prescribe that the application be downloaded by means of Wi-Fi.

About This App

Launching the amusement while in quiet mode

This application will begin in quiet mode if your telephone is as of now in quiet mode. To modify the diversion’s volume, if it’s not too much trouble utilize the telephone’s volume slider. This does not have any significant bearing on the off chance that you are utilizing earphones.

Online validation

To make preparations for robbery, this application will endeavour to confirm your gadget when the application dispatches. We value your comprehension in this issue.

Screenshots of Spirit of Justice Mod Apk

spirit of justice mod apk
Spirit of Justice Mod Apk Download v1.00.00
Download Spirit of Justice Mod Apk

Features of Spirit of Justice Mod Apk

  • Unlimited Mod
  • Mega MOD
  • Anti BAN

How to Install:

  • Download from the link below download section.
  • Run the game.
  • Done.
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  • Enjoy the Hack!
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Final Words ( Conclusions )

The game was originally released by CAPCOM CO., LTD., a well-known publisher of some of the best 2D adventure games, such as 1942 Mobile, Mega Man… Phoenix Wright: Spirit of Justice for Android developed based on a famous Japanese game of the same name. Include all the characters in that handheld game, of course, the return of Maya Fey, a character was beloved by fans.
The story tells of Phoenix Wright, a young and talented defence lawyer. He always tries to find the evidence to be able to whitewash the people he receives help with. He was previously a new lawyer who worked at Maya Fey’s office – and Maya Fey is also Wright’s teacher.


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